Work in progress

Yes, this is the website for the tabletop role-playing game Alas Vegas by James Wallis, a journey of sin and redemption through a bizarre and byzantine casino city. Though the game has been released, the site is still in development, though we should be ready to take the wraps off soon.

What will be here once it’s ready? An intro to the game. News and reviews. The Fugue rules, which power Alas Vegas, in full downloadable glory. Information about new games and content-sets created using the Fugue rules. Creative works inspired by Alas Vegas and its unique and bizarre world. Slots! Poker! Roulette wheels! You bet your life!

Meanwhile, you can buy Alas Vegas at these fine locations:

  • Indie Press Revolution (digital and paper copies)
  • DrivethruRPG and (digital only for the moment). You can also download previews of the game here.
  • (paper copies only).  The book is also available from most online bookstores around the world, of which our favourite is…
  • Wordery (UK) (paper copies only).

Eclectic Games in Reading UK is currently the only physical store in the world to stock copies of the game.

We’ll see you here, real soon!

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